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Alexander Dimitrios is an exclusive elegant members only brand providing our customers with a concierge service and the highest quality of fine tailoring.

In the world of fashion forward individuals and groomed gentlemen emerges Alexander Dimitrios. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect wardrobe. The average male struggles to sustain consistency throughout his garments. Each item of clothing represents a different style, look and feel. Catered for daily uses and special occasions our line of tailor made garments sustain exquisite vogue.

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sustain exquisite vogue
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Styled by Alexander Dimitrios

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Our exclusive rose red blazer crafted and tailored for the male man.

Innovative and Breathtaking

We are hear to create change; In the way we shop, styled and view our wardrobe.

  • Made to order, fine tailored garments for the modern man.
  • Membership options to cater for those of sheer daper.
  • Additional limited edition range of high quality tailor made garments.
  • Large range of personalisation options, wear yourself proud.

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Our Sydney Showroom is Coming Soon